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Darien Lake, NY, String Cheese Incident, July 16th, 2002
By Team Pure Hemp 7/8/2016 3:55 PM Comments

(Rolly) ...Now a week later (July 16th, 2001), I find myself heading to Darien Lake for the String Cheese show, and here I will leave Hemphry and Yo, as they head on their journey. This time the border crossing was routine. With Yo at the wheel, myself shotgun and Coates in the back, we wheel through customs without a flinch. The same officer greets us and with his smirk asks us if we have any 'dope', we answer no, he asks us to get out, and he x-rays Hemphry. After that he wishes us a good trip, and we are on our way. We had a late start in the day, and with the traffic at the border, we finally ended up at the show. However the show is over. But, the lot scene is happening. We partied in the lot for at least three hours, and met a lot of great people. Met some nice folks from Kitchener, who we actually ran into at the Phil show in TO. We parked ourselves down on the grass with them in front of their sweet split window red & white VW bus, and listened to the extensive drum session going on behind us. Someone actually set up a whole drum kit in the lot, and then all percussionists seemed to follow, it was wild. Now getting quite tired, and with party winding down, we begin our way back to Hemphry. On the way we trade some Pure Hemp papers for food and drink. We then come across "Blair", a cool earth lovin' dude. "Blair" is ringing a cowbell and selling spicy thai burritos with his little jingle. We begin a conversation, when this guy comes over trying to buy cigs for the three dollars he has. "Blair" is ready to take the two dollar loss, when the guy realizes he has no money. "Blair" then puts the cigs in the guys hand, but doesn't let them go. He then explains to him that if he wants these, he in turn must "pay it forward", and help three people who need help or need something. The fellow is on his way with his butts, and happy as can be. "Blair" seems to be quite content with what he's doing, and doesn't get much in return. Now, a hungry girl comes buy, saying no one will sell her food for the seventy five cents she has. "Blair" takes care of her as well with a spicy thai burrito. Well to say the least "Blair" is a righteous guy, and hopefully anyone out there will give him a hand if he ever needs it. Now heading out of Darien Lake in Hemphry, we head to a state park, and pop Hemphry's top, set up a tent, and hit the hay. Morning is here, and we have to pack in order to meet for our ride back to Canada. While packing, a girl wanders over and asks if we are going to the next show. Yo decides to take Loretta along, and so the journey begins. We head over to meet with our return ride to Canada, our boss is here on business, and is getting us back to TO. We all go out for lunch, and then bid farewell to Hemphry, Yo and Loreta. Coates and I get a ride back to Canada and Yo pilots Hemphry to the next stop. ~ Rolly Missed the show, but it was one of the best lot scenes I saw. Loreta (from Lithuania) found us the next morning at Darien Lake State Park. She'd missed her ride and was heading to Cheese in Baltimore in two days. Was I going? Well....yes now was as good a time as any to make up my mind. We met some kids in the lot who'd tipped us off on a good show on the way. Maybe Cheese would even show up! ~ Johannes Chapman

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