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By Team Pure Hemp 10/20/2016 11:13 AM Comments

So I'm already behind in this journal. It's Tuesday evening, even though I should be writing this on Sunday. Sunday, however was spent in Collingwood, sleeping, chilling, preparing, eating and a bit of a hike/stroll. We needed to spend some time getting the bus together before the big leave. Erin (who was going to travel with me) had met Ben while I was slowly leaving Onscario, and by the time I was ready to leave, she was ready to stay. We visited them there in Collingwood. The loose ends were pretty much all tied up as I moved through the beginning of the week, preparing to leave Niagara once and for all. Things with Erin (Erin Erin, my recent partner Erin, five feet tall, shocking red dreads and all) are left in a good way. We went to Hamilton on Tuesday to catch the weekly Fat Cats show at LaLuna. We also caught a bit of the Trews in the Hammer as well. A very unexpected, yet totally predictable occurrence happened that night. When I walked into the back of La Luna, who should I see but none other than Kevin Hamilton from Hamilton. He was the total driving force behind Cycling 4 Sustainability. This caravan successfully bicycled across the country this summer, and I was blessed to join them while crossing the prairies as the hemp caravanning cyclist. It was while on this ride that Natural emphasis contacted me about the potential of this current mission. Jah guides and Jah provides, sometimes in very surprising ways. Anyway, Kevin and I had some great catching up to do. We even went so far as to share scabies stories. It turns out that the caravan came down with a case of the damn little critters. I've been on the lookout for signs, but so far, so good. I think I'm in the clear. As for the rest of the crew, it sounds like people's conditions are clearing up. Erin (red dread, aka, Feather Feat) told me that red thyme tea, as well as english plantain, tansy, and lavender can be used as an herbal remedy. This is just a suggestion to help avoid mass application of harsh pesticides on your body. Please seek expert advice if this is something you are dealing with. I missed Jimmy Swift in Hamilton on the Wednesday because I got into a God conversation with my parents and their friend. My stance is that since God created herb, I'll not accept Christianity, until Christians accept God's creation. We can converse further anytime you see me. I saw Jimmy Swift at the Rivoli on Thursday, and It was sooo good to dance! Whew, I needed that! Thursday was also the day that Dave from the office, (Coates, not the boss) decided that he wanted to come on the trip. Sounds good to me. He really wants to come up with an ad campaign for Pure Hemp, and sees the road as a way to break the Funk. We will be teaming up with ideas and executions for a full-on campaign that Natural Emphasis can use to promote their papers with. It's a great way for me to utilize my three years of advertising schooling to which I owe my student loan. Hey, how fitting is that? We left Toronto on Friday (yay!)! Collingwood greeted us with open arms. Erin was stoked to see us and to meet Dave C. Murkuba played at Moguls, opening the second set with Darkstar, and playing a pretty funky, dancy show. After party at Ben's house, so we partied until the wee hours of the morning. Security banged on the door because the music was sooo loud, but no one heard the banging. There was just a notice in the morning. Dave and I combed the town, made a few sales, then we were convinced that Collingwood needed us another night...or did we need Collingwood? Sunday we chilled, got ready, took a hike, then made like a banana and split. We drove until quite late, making progress, gaining ground, finally arriving at the waterfront... Care2 make the world greener! Race to Save the Primates - every click provides food! ~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner

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