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By Team Pure Hemp 4/8/2017 2:54 PM Comments

I’m kind of stumped by the blank screen before me, so I’ll noodle for a bit, kinda the way the dead do at the beginning of the show, which way do I go, how does this begin? The words on this screen overwhelm me to this day. A dream I had had, and nearly forgot, one I still struggle to accept and uphold. This trip that I’m on is still just beginning to unfold. In Hawaii, I learned lots. I fell in Love with the Earth and communicated this to friends through e-mails and in photos. I made and sold photo-cards of Hawaii to stores and sold Hemp (jewellery) to tourists. I wrote a little blurb on the back about how "This is your opportunity to help me get around while seeing what I see along the way." While in Hawaii, I experienced some really intense things, expanding my perception on Reality. I lived closer to the land than ever before. I was coming from the city. I contemplated the North American reality of endless rat-race-consumption. I connected with water, as it falls in rain. Caught on glass, captured in a bottle. Pure from the Heavens above the Pacific. Fruit fell from trees, and the sun powered our electrical needs. I’d fast forwarded to my utopian reality. There, I learned, that one can travel on wits, Karma, and creativity. Combined with the magical energy of the land of Hawaii and her inhabitants; in a way which I’m still learning to accept and behold, I manifested this present reality. One, which is now and ever-changing, and I know that my path is leading me to the Aina (land), by the way of the masses. Lets learn from the ways of ancestral tribes in forests and grasses. The ways of respect and reverence to each other and all life. Ways of acknowledging our place amongst the awesome creation of all that is life. Amongst the herbs and the berries and the shrubs, and the trees, the Evergreen and the Maple and Oak and Willow and Sumak and Eucalyptus and Palm. Amongst the four legged. Amongst Salamanders and Turtles and Racoons. Amongst Buffalo and Lions and Grizzlies and mice. How we relate to the winged, the Hawks and the Eagles and sea Gulls and Vultures and Swallows and mosquitos. Of the Hummingbirds and bats and butterflies and bees and gnats. And of fish and dolphins, anemone, crabs, frogs and all other living beings. We breathe! We recognize and accept Mamma gaia as the life source to which we owe ours. Earth’s energy comes from the sun, and exists everywhere, and I am just a scribe, writing of all of her people returning to her ways. Harmony and Balance will reign if we can find God in ourselves and in all that sustains us. Hawaiian Blessings fall in the rain, as does the truth. Look deep into water and give thanks. Mahalo, and Aloha. I slept at the mechanic’s and spent most of the day there on Thursday. My plan was to go to Humboldt with a brother named Ras Psilli that day, but I didn’t get into Berkley until after five, and still had some running around to do. When I got to the house, Ras Psilli said it was too late to leave, because we’d get there too late and all. Earlier, a brother reminded me that it was Dead night at Ashkinaz, so then I could go there. Fantuzzi was hanging out and we ended up going shopping at the Berkley Bowl together. We brought the food back to his son’s and had a great meal of salad, avocado, nut-butter, and hemp-oil in a Nori Roll. Fantuzzi brought me by a jam that’s been happening at a house for like twelve years. We stopped in and sang a couple of really inspiring songs. After an awesome jam, I looked at the bottom of the song sheet and saw that it was written by Fantuzzi, in 1976. That was cool. We ate carrot cake, gave thanks, and we were out the door. He’s a really nice brother who’s just fun to be around. Speaking of around, he’s been around in Rainbow circles since I was born, and it’s been a blessing to spend time with him. We went to see Fantuzzi and Jah Levi at the Black Box in Oakland on Friday, it was a good night with lots of variety to it. Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad were at the show and it was a blessing to meet them. They have been working on behalf of all of us and are really greening the path toward a brighter reality. Check out to see what they're up to. They are a really nice pair who compliment each other well. The next day we peace-marched from Berkley to Oakland, and that night I just rested. Tonight is nearly a week later, and this update is late, arriving on Dave’s desk on Friday, when it shoulda been there on Monday. Presently it’s the middle of the night. I’m typing this to send from a friend’s roommate’s phone-line. Then I’m driving Hemphry out to the mechanic’s where they’re getting him ready for the trip out East. Look out Middle-West here comes Hemphry!
~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner 1.0

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