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By Team Pure Hemp 7/23/2016 3:53 AM Comments

Sooo after the Hershey show, we were going to meet up with Orion in the Mc Donalds parking lot (don't get me wrong, I never spend money there). He never showed, but we met up with some local kids who saw the show from a hill. The locals know whats up. We met this dude named kip who told us about a cave we could sleep in. His brother lived there for a month last December. It was no problem, because once you're up in there, the temperature remains the same (approx. 65 degrees) Kip had some crazy stuff going on. A total radical, he got suspended after Sept. 11th for putting the flag upside down on his backpack, then when his teachers saw it, they freaked, then he dropped his bag and the flag landed on the ground. Crushed under the weight of his backpack. His brother is presently on the run from the cops and is facing big jail-time for herb related stuff. He ended up getting into a big fight with the cops, so it's kind of ugly. Nevertheless it all stems from pigheaded prohibition. Anyway, the cave was down this railroad track. you had to walk over a trestle bridge, reminiscent of Stand By Me. The bridge crossed a river that ran into town. Kip showed me to the cave, we talked for a while, then he split and I went to sleep. It was a good sleep up inside the cave on red earth in cool air with the occasional drip of water falling from the ceiling. I woke up in pitch blackness and hoped the flashlight would be there, which it was. I, now alone, climbed down the back wall of the cave into the big first room, dodged broken glass from disrespectful partier's, went outside into the brilliant sun and dug a whole and did my morning duties. I washed in the river and started walking along the tracks back toward Hemphry. As I came to the trestle bridge, I saw Loreta who'd chosen to stay in the van last night bathing naked in the river. I started across the bridge, and as I was halfway, along came a train. I started running, but I really had nothing to worry about, but the engineer didn't like it. I went down to where Loreta was, got naked and waded in. We decided to float along the river back to the cave so she could see it. Barefoot, we walked back along the tracks and found we could balance rather well if we each walked on a track while gently holding hands to keep balance. It was a great morning. And feeling refreshed and invigorated, we returned to the van where a car load of young guys were pulling up and admiring the van. I gave them postcards and hemp info, they bought some papers, and me and Loreta were off, on the way to Camden. Peppermint (a rider) thanks you guys for having the balls to do paint the van and do this trip in America. He said someones got to do it and it's about time, and he thinks we're inspiring others. This E-mail originates in Valdosta Ga, as we head toward Wisconsin for this weekend, then I'll be heading back toward T.O. I may be in Windsor Monday or Tuesday next week.

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner


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