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By Team Pure Hemp 10/28/2016 11:57 AM Comments

It's Sunday, we woke up cold (but not too cold) in the granola belt of Winnipeg... I went to Organic Planet right off the bat and pooed. Ahh. There was snow and we did laundry and computed and had a pleasant afternoon warming with the locals. Being in the neighbourhood, we caught wind of a crazy hallowe'en party happening at the Firehall. It's the tenth annual, and there was over twenty acts playing. We showed up and met the people who throw the party. They were totally nice and traded papers for our admission. We still had to bring a canned good and all proceeds went to Winnipeg Harvest, a food bank. I can't explain how fun this party was, but wow! People were surprised to hear that we just came into town and were there. This is 'the party of the year', the only thing bigger is the Winnipeg Folk Fest. I met some really connected people, people who only come into the city for special occasions. We came to Winnipeg in time for The Halloween Party at The Fire Hall. Here's the little setup we had outside of the place. It was really cold out, so people were moving quickly. We went in around eleven, and partied until early morning. Winnipeg rocks!!! Rick is an awesome guy. He is Aloha man. We called him on the Cellular as we, freezing, neared Regina. I had met him with C4S when Eat Healthy Food, his store, had donated lots of food and six cases of rice milk to the caravan. This time, he invited us over to his house, gave us a warm place to be and a ton of good healthy produce to cook up a storm with. Eat Healthy Food now carries a good selection of tree free smoking papers. I see this as a congruent stance of solidarity that a health food store can have with people who roll their own smoke. It's also a good example of how paper can be tree free. Calvin and everybody here are chill. They're the VeeDub guys in Regina and they really exude the classic VeeDub dude vibe. They brought in Hemphry and adjusted the valves, tuned him up for winter, including fully opening the heater valves. They work a bit better now, and they don't smell like burning exhaust like they used to. A lot of open space out here in Alberta. It's good to know where your food comes from. This was like the only thing beside the highway for miles. It was kind of startling to see this particular plant on the side of the road. A chilly happy Halloweeney howdy from Lethbridge's Orkids.We partied in Fernie on Halloween and the next day, Friday, we made it to Nelson exactly two weeks from our departure. What a trip. Nelson welcomed us with open arms and all. The day after arriving, Dave hiked to the top of elephant mountain and took some great shots. Here's one of Nelson. By the way, did I mention Nelson is a vortex?

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner

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