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Boulder Who Wants The Funk? April 11-18th, 2003
By Team Pure Hemp 4/17/2017 3:12 PM Comments

Who wants the funk? We want the funk! Who wants the Funk? We want the funk! All the Ladies, just the ladies... We want the Funk! Where’s the men, just the men... We want the Funk! Everybody... We want the Funk! Finally, after about fifteen minutes, George Clinton entered the stage. And so it went, on and on and on. Us Funkateers got our asses funked up on Thursday. George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars pulled out all the stops for us in the historic Avalon Ballroom as we danced all night long. The Funkadelic vibes got us all going. It was almost crazed! The call and response was lots of fun. At one point, the drummer(?) came out and got us all singing Bee Bop. There was some heavy metal-ish stuff, a crazy, spacey guitar solo, some jamming and of course the Funk. The Funk is where we all get a little closer to the ground, and act a little more like animals. I think it’s the bass. It’s gotta be the bass, and the drums and the singing, the rhythm, the butt-shaking and the ladies. It’s got something to do with the ladies, and how us guys just love the ladies, and how the music makes us love ladies even more. I think it might even have a similar effect on them.... Why must I chase the cat? It’s something about the dog in me. Most of the people had left by the time the show ended, because they must have played for a good three and a half hours. We were exhausted from dancing, but pumped from the show. I did some e-mailing, sent in the update from last week, and drove to the mechanic’s, falling asleep out back as the sun was coming up. We slept there for a couple hours before they were done with the van. Then we went to another mechanic where they worked on the center pin of the steering column, while we hung out in wood chips. Soulive and Steve Kimock played at the Filmore, and we got there a little later than I was hoping, because the Bay Bridge takes forever on a Friday. BARTing is just soo much easier, especially since you can take your bike with you. We made it nonetheless. Pure Hemp has done some promotions with the Velour label, so I was on the List. We made it in as Steve Kimock was opening the show. His new band has a nice aquatic ambience to it. His solo-ing is pretty spacious. The drummer even played over a drum machine, while Steve picked a big mandolin-looking type of thing. It was pretty cool. Soulive lived up to their name! They have a good thing going on to be sure. There’s only three of them, but they have a big sound. Not like Jimi Hendrix Big, more like a Medeski big, but totally not like Medeski. They, have like a jazz, soul, funk, vibe going on. The highlight of the show for me was the keyboard solo, that was just off the hook! Their keyboardist plays both Bass and Organ, and while he was doing this solo, it just looked like he was dancing. I remember being so shocked that one person could make so much sound happen, that I stopped dancing and just watched! Saturday, I slept through the Peace Rally, though I heard it was a good one. It was raining, and I had to save energy for this drive that I’m currently on, although today has been a bit of a wash. I woke up about two hours from Salt Lake City, and I’m still here as the clock nears mid-night. At the present moment, I’m further on down the road. Boulder, CO. to be exact! And it feels like a long time since the second Soulive/Kimock show, but that was a lot of fun! Melody and I got there early, and met up with some friends right off the bat. I figured I was on the list, because we’ve been working with Velour and Soulive doing cross promoting, but to my surprise, I wasn’t. Fortunately, I had a bit of extra cash, so we paid Clear Channel for their services. After the show, I got a flyer stating the following: "Clear Channel Presents all of your favorite artists at the following Venues: The Filmore, the Warfield, Shoreline, Chronicle Pavilion, and the Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley. Clear Channel promotes and organizes most of the rallies in support of the war and is a major controlling force in the global media market". It goes on to say that: "Clear Channel Entertainment is the largest operator of radio stations in the U.S., covering all 50 states with 1,225 radio stations in nearly 300 markets, controlling 60% of all rock programming. Clear Channel has over 103,000,000 listeners in the U.S. and 1,000,000,000 globally, one sixth of the world’s population." The flyer had more small print, talking about how after 9-11 certain songs and artists were taken off the playlist, and how much this one corporation controls the messages we absorb. The messages we absorb become part of our perceived reality; and are therefore, part of the body of knowledge that motivates us to act. Our actions create this present reality. If our actions are influenced by a giant media company, who do you think will benefit? Hummmmnnn......could it beeee .....SATAN? (c/o SNL Church Lady). If you got that last line, it’s a testament to how we all are taught the same narrow scope of life by the U.S. entertainment corporations. Controlling our minds can be very lucrative for a select group of businessmen. We have the power to allow corporations to rule our lives every time we tune into the mass media. A lot of us know that the messages we are fed have soiled and greedy hands holding the spoon and the food is questionable at best. But it tastes good, and as we swallow, our gag reflex no longer kicks in. Now, it seems we have to consciously re-develop our mental gag reflex. lies, these days are candy coated, triple dipped, and are offered everywhere in our culture. It can be a hard thing to accept that the values we developed as we grew up in Society are sponsored by the corporate stewards of our lives. Some who are gagging on society can be coerced by fear to begrudgingly accept our death culture, while others reject the fear inherent in our society, becoming open to the boundless abundance of the Universe, where Love is the Law. We got into the Filmore just as Soulive came on. The Filmore has a bucket of apples for everyone, and I plucked one on my way in. Apples are great for set break, juicy for the throat and filling for the belly. I put my apple on my sweatshirt on the speaker on the right. Get prepared, It’s gonna be a party tonight! Soulive got us into a very limber state. They took it easy on us, compared to the first night, opening well for Steve Kimock. You could tell that they kind of held back, allowing Steve to really shine. The Steve Kimock Band is awesome. It’s a different sound than Zero, but there’s that unmistakeable guitar-work that Kimock is famous for. He really makes you float in kind of an aquatic space. The crowd was all so stoked and it was a really good vibe. I floated around all night, ending up back where I started: with my eyes closed, dancing to Stella Blue, sharing a wonderful space with an incredible woman. At the end of the show, Steve even mentioned the whole Clear Channel thing and I thought that was really cool. On Sunday I went down to San Mateo and visited the guys from Randy’s I packed the last of my stuff, visiting some friends on my out of town. I drove toward Sacramento, leaving the Bay Area behind.
~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner 1.0

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