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By Team Pure Hemp 2/24/2017 2:29 PM Comments

I awoke this morning to the sweet sound of morning doves. You know, that cooing, almost purring sound? The sound of contentedness these birds make is just perfect. I still wasn’t coherent, but as I opened my eyes and looked through the screen mesh of my pop -top sleep space, I saw a pair of doves. Oh, how nice that is. The couple was just sitting in an evergreen bush on the other side of the side-walk. I watched them as I made t he transition from sleep to awake-ness. I took my time, relishing this moment, appreciating the beauty of the doves: How they can be all tucked up and warm with a squat neck, making that cooo. Then the lady-bird kind of stretched up and became taller, revealing her slender, graceful necklines. Her black eye would fix itself upon mine, fully aw are that inside the mass of Hemphry, was me. We watched each other for a while, as I silently gave thanks to creator for all of the incredible ways life manifests ourselves. The winged creatures know a reality far different from our own. They know bushes and trees intimately. They have only feet and a face with which to manipulate and operate, but what they sacrifice in dexterity, they gain in mobility. Flying! What a gift it is to be blessed with wings. The sky is the limit! I am an Air sign. My Mayan sign is a White Crystal Wind. I Communicate Spirit. Empowered with this self-awareness, I continue my strievance with less fear and self-doubt, knowing I’m in my proper place, if, my truth, I do shout. Plus, I like feeling like wind. Dancing, traveling, interacting, fluttering the scene, flapping my hemp butterfly wings. Like a warm breeze, you never know when I’ll blow by, and like a deep breath, I can only be held for so long. Wind can be a powerful creative or destructive force, blowing down trees, buildings and electric lines. Harnessed correctly, the wind can generate power, and can cause a kite to fly, just like a bird. I strive to embody wind power and express my spirit in word. Sounds, feelings, looks and thoughts, all expressing different aspects of One Love! I nimbly wriggled out of bed and into Hemphry's gut. I got dressed and within moments, popped open the van door. Before I could tell them it would be all-right, my beautifully winged wake- up couple flew. Their wings squeaked, the way morning doves’ do, and I was reminded of my youth. Earth’s beauty is all around us. Sometimes she’s covered with concrete and choked with smog. Other time’s her beauty is shrouded in fog. Still other time’s she might be found within the eyes of a dog. For all of us here, the beauty of the Earth consistently surrounds. It is for the Earth and her health, for which I act. Being a white guy in North America, I won’t starve, if I want to eat. Fortunately for us I have given up meat. Well, when asked, I say I only eat happy meat. To clarify a quizzical look, I’ll expound. I have found, that without a doubt I am only made up of things that I eat. I can be no thing else. When we eat, we eat to gain/maintain energy. Realizing that I am what I eat, I’ve decided that I don’t want to take on the energy of a distressed, drugged, tortured, and oppressed being that lived a life full of fear and pain. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve eaten Venison that my step-dad shot with a cross-bow, and occasionally, I’ll eat some flesh on a whim or if it’s been offered. I feel good existing on plants and their fruits. My motivation for this comes from within. Last night I had a meal of millet, lentils and steamed swiss chard. The millet and the chard were recommended by a book in the health-food store as being foods which can help to heal my condition. My condition of, discharge from my penis, ache in my root and recently pain in my kidneys, has been diagnosed as nothing to worry about. I’ve tested negative for Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea a couple of times, yet the symptoms persist. It might be a Urinary Tract Infection. I have been feeling pretty well most of the time, though sometimes at night I feel more pain. Yesterday, fed up with inaction by standard medicine, and encouraged by a good friend, I decided I’d rather do something about it. I read in a couple of good naturopathic b ooks, of some herbs that will help, and also foods that I should be eating. Healing with w hole foods suggested lots of whole grain, and legumes, seaweed, leafy greens and less fruit, no sugar, and no caffeine or alcohol. I read somewhere that smoking can inhibit t he healing process. So I’m not going to smoke anything for a few days. Another book said that millet and chard were good foods to eat for my condition, so I ate those last night. Today I have begun a 3-day water fast, in which I will also involve juice. I’m taking recommended herbal tinctures (Echinacea/Golden Seal, Saw Palmetto, and Horsetail) in the water sometimes. I have an appointment at the Haight Free clinic tomorrow night. Hopefully they can diagnose a cause of my symptoms. I am hopeful, however, that this natural treatment will clear it all up once and for all! I am being open with my condition and my status because I know that all of you knowing what I’m dealing with will help me. Maybe someone will have had a similar experience and they can suggest something to me. Conversely, maybe someone out there is also dealing with similar problems a nd this can help them. Being open, and sharing our lives can lead to a richer, fuller life experience. Especially with "taboo" or stigmatized areas of our lives, communicating helps to dispel the stigma so dialogue and learning can happen. San Francisco’s been a good host to me. Fulton runs along the Northern perimeter of Golden Gate Park and is a welcome home to Vannies. The Street Cleaner comes along once a week from nine to eleven on Wednesdays. Other than that you are welcome to park, and live in your van, th ough I’ve heard if your top’s popped, they might come and hassle you. I’ve yet to experience that yet.

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravan

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