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San Fran Music And Dancing Heals Feb 25-Mar 3rd, 2003
By Team Pure Hemp 2/25/2017 1:20 PM Comments

America's true reasons for going to war is. Cheap gas might just be enough motivation to gain support. Conversely, releasing information in it's entirety, will help give the people of America, more insight into this War. For example; Don't announce a report that says there's a large number of Chemical Weapons in Iraq, without telling us that the report goes on to say that they've been destroyed. That's worse than plagiarism, that's lying. People recognize this and i t doesn't help to create peace. Listen to the people you represent. That's what I added to the letter to George W. Bush from they have a statement from Musicians who oppose the War, one that we should urge our favorite artists to sign on to. So I fasted for two and a half days, until I went shopping at Rainbow Co-op. It was the longest I’d ever gone without food in my life. I can’t imagine fasting out of necessity. That would be an entirely different experience. I felt pretty good on the third day, I wasn’t even that hungry, although I did buy a ton of food, which has been sustaining me well since. The fast seems to have had a healing effect on my body. Combined with tinctures; Usnea UvaUrsi, Echinacea/ Goldenseal and Cranberry Juice and an attention to whole foods and fresh juices, I’m feeling better. My last test results were also negative. Good. I met up with some One Love Family kids, who hosted Diana Lindsay from B.C. Canada who came to share the vision of the World Unity Peace Flag, which is becoming accepted by various bodies as such. Diana is a beautiful soul, reverent in her way. She brought a flag which is going to Uzbekistan to symbolize unity with people there. Over 250 people have helped to paint the seven stripes of the Rainbow, and there are other flags currently traversing the Earth, weaving Peace and Hope into the people and places where the flag flies. Later in the same night, we went to Da Vid’s, where we shared visions, sang, gonged and ohm'd for peace. Da Vid is behind the Light Party, and is energetically working for a love-filled, peaceful future. One of the initiatives here locally is to convert Alcatraz back into a sacred space. First Nation peoples have long been calling for respect for this land, and a Global Peace Center would help restore due respect. I finished my fast on Tuesday, the night that Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey played at the Elbo Room. I arrived early to secure a spot, and hopefully set up the Hemp Treasury. I tried to talk to the manager of the bar, but I’ve been finding that’s usually red tape. Just as I was walking out of the bar, while contemplating my next move, I saw a dude out on the fire escape, and I was like Jacob Fred? Are you Jacob Fred? He’s like I’m Brian, in the band. I quickly explained to him what I wanted to do and he was all about it! I ran and got the box and he came down and let me in. It was cool! It turns out that they, as a band are political, and had some of those cool 9-11 dollar bills and they gave me a stack. The JFJO is a night full of unexpected turns, rhythms, and sounds. I had a good night dancing to their groove. They always kept me guessing. Wednesday was a fun day of cruising around, looking for paper sales. At one point, a dude I’d met the night before saw and was doing nothing, so he (Morgan) and his friend, Dana came along for a ride. We went and chilled by the water in the Bay, and he knew of a Buyers Club that I was trying to find, so we went toward the Haight. On the way, a black dude asked for a ride to the Haight. After some evasive answers, I was like why don’t I give him a ride? So shorty jumped in, and we were a crew heading to the Haight! Once there, I made some more good connections at shops, and then I gave Morgan and Dana a ride back to Polk St. After dropping them off, but before I left, a dude came by and dug Hemphry. He liked the art on the bus (as 1,000's of people do), and we chatted about the big "Crackdown" on internet businesses, and what a waste of resources and energy, especially when this stupid War is impending. Stewart had a Dead Show in his hands, and was going to spin it off for a buddy, but then he could copy it and send it to my home. I gave him my brother’s addy, so he should be getting a ‘73 RFK soundboard with the Allman Brother’s too. It’ll be soo nice! I spent the night at a kind sister’s house in San Fran. She told me a long story of how she’s been totally screwed by the system and the drug war, and is now fighting to get her son back after he was confiscated due to her alleged drug-use. It’s a sham, in the name of justice, a story that I’ll refer to later, but just so you know, this is what motivates me and others to continue fighting for Truth. Melody and her son will not suffer in vain! I went to Derek Trucks on Thursday at the Filmore and it was incredible! He jams a funky blues styles that what was just what my butt needed to get a groove on! Phil came out and played a couple of tunes including Franklin’s Tower, and it was just really cool. Derek plays a mean slide guitar! I’d set up the Hemp Treasury at the Boom Boom Room with Signal Path, a live electronica group from Mizula Montana. I tabled there for the rest of the night, and you could say it was a good night. This brings me to this past weekend, which has been a blast! Dark Star Orchestra played at the Filmore both Friday and Saturday nights. I have a hard time just typing out what these nights were like. On Friday, Melody (a long-time tour-head) and I went. They played a show from July 18th, 1976 less than a month from when I was born! I knew it, too. Because I’ve been listening to a lot of shows from that era, I just didn’t know exactly which one. They opened with Samson and Delilah, and the woman who sings Donna is just incredible! There was a Walking in the Mission in the Rain, a Scarlet Begonias. And a Music Never Stopped! They opened the second set with Might as Well, played Candyman, then The Other One, St. Stephen, Not Fade Away, Other One, Wheel or something like that. They encored with Sugar Magnolia. It was like a perfect show. There was a Stella Blue somewhere in there too! The next night, last night, they played just for fun, with no specific show restrictions. They played some Jerry Tunes, some old stuff, some Brent tunes, Donna stuff, a great rendition of Space, where I got to dance with all these seasoned heads down in front. WOW ! It was a conglomeration of well loved tunes, to say the least! After the show, everyone got a special Dark Star Orchestra poster by artist Chris Shaw commemorating the event. Filmore shows hold a sense of magic and mystery to them and these were no exception!

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner 1.0

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