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San Fran Phish Tour Manifestation Feb 10-15th, 2003
By Team Pure Hemp 2/15/2017 4:08 PM Comments

It's the Granola Funk Express! Rainbow kitchen Hip Hop, freaking the freestyle flow. Instilled with a consciousness that we should all know. In fact we do, it's just that we forgot it. I loved their music so much, their CD I just bought it. But I kicked it with some kids and when I left, I forgot it. So I'm in the same boat I was in before. Knowing I like G.F.E, with no way to hear them. But all is not lost, because no matter the cost, I'm jumping on tour, leaving Hemphry behind with my new friends Harold and Ken, who to me are both kind. Santa Cruz tonight, for an other Granola Funk Experience. Daniel has a car, a rental that can take us to L.A. From there I'll ride with a brother, Will-o, who I don't know, except that he's Aloha, bro, from the Big Island, Earth Mother, the Aina and we'll kick it real tight with Vegas in sight. This Phish tour manifestation is nearly complete. I just need a ticket. Miracles happen! and trading is neat. I'm happy with a lawn, but I hope for a seat. I'd been on the fence, with Phish tour on one side and the Peace Rally in S.F. on the other. I'm jumping on tour with no dis-respect to our mother. Not In Our Name is happening everywhere, and the Phish lot is great! A Peace Rally, a demonstration of Love rather than bomb-dropping Hate. Big props to all the people who are standing together, denouncing the War from San Fran to New York to Toronto to Japan and both sides of Korea. People around the world, united we can stand in the face of adversity, from Phish tour in Vegas to Baghdad's University! We're defying and denouncing all the lies that Bush and his corporate media have hurled and one more thought: Coca Cola and Marlboro and other big brand names, ones you may have bought; give lot's of funding directly to the Drug War. It's not just domestic, I tell ya, this shit's hectic! Columbian Indigenous peasants and farmers are being poisoned in the name of the drug war! Herbicide is sprayed on the Jungle and the hills. The coca crops, vegetables, water and children aren't all that Monsanto's Roundup kills. Trying to confront America's white powder ills, like a bass-ackwards junkie blaming everyone else for their dependence on powders and pills with a genocidal storey that's neither dorey, nor honky. Tribes are subsistence farming, communing with Earth, for thousands of y ears, living on land, tending and caring, now taking a stand. It's the last straw you see, On behalf of you and me, in the name of the Drug War that the U.S. is funding, The land is sprayed, water is poisoned, peasants driven from land, lived on for eons. Fleeing to shanty towns on the outskirts of City's, joining thousands of others who've ha d the same fate. Moved by chemicals, military, need and brute force, from a life rich in communion to a situation that's shitty. Hey, with big business and globalization, this is par for the course. Columbia, the land is rich in biodiversity which is life and we be just importing our American strife. The Drug War is a lethal diversion, blurring the lines between justice and perversion. Logging, then cows grazing, whole jungle razing, then mining and oil-rigging and Earth-wealth extraction, rather than Nature and life as the big main attraction. Big Multi-nationals, acting irrational, justifying greed, by increasing your "needs". With Global-Lies-Ation, they call it a village. But if you're paying attention, you'd say she's been pillaged. Devastation and genocide, the result of sprayed herbicide, is an act of State Terror, whose ends are no "error". "Plan Columbia" funded by the U.S in whole and in part by you! This motivates me, and hopefully you, striving and resisting, fueled by I-ration to change what we do!

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner 2.0

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