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By Team Pure Hemp 10/13/2016 4:49 PM Comments

This has been a relatively mundane week. I've been focusing on packing and tying up loose ends. I rested and packed the van and Erin Hartley and I were to leave Toronto on Thursday and make it out west for String Cheese in Calgary on Monday the 14th. Well, that didn't happen. I took too long to go, so Erin had found a good reason to stay here (Ben). That was ok by me, because now we're not rushing, and we can take our time. On Friday, I happened into the Comfort Zone, and Smokestack was playing a day early, which was a nice treat. The place was close to empty, and Catherine and I were like the only ones on the dance floor, so we did our best to fill it up. What an invigorating experience. Shows like this one are the Jems. Everyone there, I'm sure felt special. Smokestack actually came back to the office to crash there. It felt good to be able to offer that to the band. Thanks Natural Hemphasis! Also, in my efforts to be ready, I visited and have been helped by several Toronto businesses. Saikou, at African Drums and Art Crafts in Kensington Market hooked me up with a great deal on a little djembe. A good drum is integral to this present mission. Actually, life in general is quite helped by a drum (Spirit Drummers). Andrew at THC (Toronto Hemp Company) has always been my hook-up for trading glass for goods. He's good people and so is the store and Dom the owner. The Toronto Hemp Company has helped me many times in my efforts as an aspiring bong maker. Here's a big thank You! My last trade was for a pair of Spirit Stream jeans. James from Spirit Stream has been a steady supplier of Hemp clothes and other quality goods for quite a while. A couple of weeks ago, Robin from The Friendly Stranger let me set up outside their shop. I tabled there on Queen St. in downtown Toronto, and had a good afternoon shooting the breeze. The Friendly Stranger has been pushing the envelope for quite a while and are now an accepted street level hemp/head shop. Thanks also to my friends for supporting me in this mission, my family for accepting me for who I am. Thanks to everybody out there we meet along the way who make this mission possible, whether it's buying papers, opening the door when my hands are full, or just the good vibes we get from sooo many people as we travel along. I tell ya, we are just so helped by all the positivity that we feel along the way. It really propels us along! And above all, below all, between all and everywhere else in between is Creator, to whom I give thanks. On the Saturday, after trading with THC, I went to my friend Paul's wedding and it was good to be with my homies, friends from High School. Wow and family. Paul's mom is so sweet and his dad's pretty chill.

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravan 1.0

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