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Yo's Adventure Starts Again On July 9th
By Team Pure Hemp 6/3/2016 12:34 PM Comments


My ability to attend these events was enabled by Hemphry, a wonderful 1971 VW Westfalia van with a beautiful hempfield painted all around it. Hemphry is an economical 4 cylinder vehicle that consumes gasoline. This fossil fuel consumption created the biggest dilemma I had encountered so far with these travels. Please understand, I had just finished a long-distance cross country bicycle ride and would recommend riding a bicycle any time you could, especially on a long trip. You'll gain an appreciation for the outdoors, the pace, the birds and the scents of the land. It was with chagrin that I was booting around America in a gas guzzler like Hemphry. That said, I give thanks and praise to Pure Hemp for making this happen. Giving myself and the riders in Hemphry a miracle of an experience. Michael the artist (who painted Hemphry) deserves so much respect, as his creation was the redemption of our mission. The Karmic trade off of driving came back with seeing people's reactions who saw us driving down the road. Seeing us really made some people's day. It is such a blessing to be a part of the growing Hemp Movement.

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner 1.0

We are going to re-post all of Yo's adventures from 14 ago years to the day. Unfortunately for us Social Media did not really exist back then, if it did as it does today I assure you #FreeHemphry and #FreeYo would have been trending hashtags. So sit back and enjoy the ride as Yo takes the wheel of Hemphry the Pure Hemp VW Van on a journey to spread love and the wonders of hemp across Canada and the heartlands of America. See you July 9th

The following is a un-edited chronicle of events from 2002 to 2004 according to Yo and his friends...


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