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Toronto to New York City, Oct 3rd, 2002 (Pt 1)
By Team Pure Hemp 10/3/2016 2:07 PM Comments

I'm headin' to the Jammy's, gonna visit my grammy. G.L. that is, short for grandma Lorraine. It's a code word so that people on the street, in the stores, around the corner, even neighbours don't catch on. How could a woman so young, so beautiful, so blonde, be such a grandmother? I think she'd rather they thought we were an item, although...I'm not really her type. I was gonna leave early, but I ended up starting off a bit late. It's a long complicated story involving this that or the other. The point being that by Tuesday night, I was not ready to leave for two reasons. 1) I still needed to clean and repack the van. 2) I had to fix it with a replacement part (change an exhaust pipe clamp). I got to John's V-Dub shop around 10:30ish and spent probably an hour fixing it myself (a bit of a personal milestone). Ire, and approaching the border... I was feeling good about it all, having just cleaned and all. Feeling a bit of anxiety, I pulled up right away. No time to ponder or relax in line, just straight to the booth. After only a couple of questions, he had me pulling over. Long story short, I passed through unfettered. They didn't even look in the van. Once I showed them my American Passport, I was granted a speedy passage. I stopped maybe 3 or four times, while averaging a speedy 75mph and arrived at Roseland Ballroom right around 8:00. I knew there'd be a place right out front and lo and behold, there was space right between two police vans. New York, New York here I am. I love being the contrast in ideals and appearance to the typical city grind. I'm trying to be exemplary of a life outside the boundaries of the mental city block. I'm looking for a path of shallow footprints upon which to walk. How can I lessen the oppression inherent in my life? In this First World culture with it's systems and cycles, who's main end is profit, resulting in strife. It's up to us, myself, including you to watch what we buy, aware of what we do. So far as I can be. So the Jammy's were fun. Mike Gordon and Trey were there, accepting Phish's award for best recording of a live show, and they also played. I saw the B-52's play while Dave told me how Love Shack was one of those tunes he and Radha used to rock out to in college. Warren Haynes was there and was awesome. He played Beautifully Broken and Soulshine, amongst others. Bobby (Bob Wier) got the lifetime achievement award, he said a speech and imparted knowledge and gave much respect to African roots music. Then Ratdog played! They opened with Sugar Magnolias and meandered to a Smoking Lovelight in which all the great musicians got up, spread over two stages and had a jam-off. Even the rastaman from the Tom Tom club was doing the reggaemuffin thing. It was cool, almost overwhelming. While there, Scotty-Anne, Rob Wasserman's wife told me she'd guestlist me for Ratdog's show on Saturday Night, That's right, Saturday Night! At the Beacon Theater. Well, I guess I could stick around for something like that... Karl Densons tiny universe had a groove on on Thursday night. I met Dave and Radha there and we had a really fun time dancing to the music. After the show, I got the tip that Ralph Nader was speaking the next day down by the Stock exchange at a rally to bring white collar criminals to justice. G.L. and I caught the train down there after a great brunch with Radha and Dave, where G.L. was able to express some of her concerns as to my personal safety during this mission. Many possible outcomes were discussed, and what it all boiled down to was that since I wouldn't be carrying anything in Hemphry, I could not possibly get in trouble. And if so, they'd back me up. There were lots of police at the rally, and they had cordoned off the area in which we were allowed to stand. It was the politically active everywhere. Ralph talked about how in the 1990's during great economic expansion, the common worker was making less of a living wage than workers in the 70's. And how we can't let the white collar criminals get away with such crimes as what Enron officials have perpetrated and how that's just the tip of the iceberg. Why do we let the ruling classes get the best of us time and time again? It might be hegemony...

~ Johannes Chapman, Pure Hemp Caravaner 1.0

Here is a list of all the winner's from tonight...

TDK Live Performance of the Year: moe., Bonnaroo Music Festival, 6/23/02
Tour of the Year: Trey Anastasio, Summer 2002
Studio Album of the Year: Trey Anastasio, Trey Anastasio
Live Album of the Year: Widespread Panic’s Live in the Classic City
Archival Album: Phish, Live Phish 11: 11/17/97, McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO
Song of the Year: Gov’t Mule’s “Soulshine”
New Groove of the Year: Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Fan Website of the Year:
Lifetime Achievement Award: The Grateful Dead (presented by Patrick Leahy, John Popper and contest winner Bill Stites)
Mimi Fishman Community Service Award: Panic Fans For Food
Grahamy Jammy (industry award for support of the scene): Annabel Lukins

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