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New Pure Hemp Stash Tins available now!
By Team Pure Hemp 12/1/2017 4:29 PM Comments

  Ever buy a pack of Pure Hemp papers and stick’em in your pocket for the days adventures, only to find them stuck together during the moment you need them most? Anyone who has ever used rolling papers with any frequency knows the dreaded “accordion”effect: you pull paper after paper out where the gum has fused with every other paper, cascading out in a quiet symphony of damp regret. It looks cool – almost like those folding cards you made as a kid that you stretched and tightened back and forth and scribbled all over with crayon. Unfortunately, their usefulness as rolling papers is minimized, and there is nothing quite as frustrating as needing a rolling paper and not having one. Those are the moments one looks around for empty cans and is reminded of the hazy times in high school. And while those were indeed some fun times, aluminum can pipes are not the ideal.

We’ve all been there (some more than others). Fortunately, the brand new Pure Hemp stash tins will keep your papers – and whatever else you need – dry and ready to go. Made just big enough to fit whatever you need comfortably and just small enough to not overburden your pocket. They are the perfect companion for the Pure Hemp roller on-the-go.


*Fits a lighter, pack of papers, filter tips and dried herbs with ease.(Also fits business cards perfectly!)
*Available in 3 different styles: Pure Hemp Classic, Pure Hemp Unbleached and our groovy limited edition Art tins.
*Small, compact and durable.
*Easy to open and close.
*Pretty freakin cool.

 There are limited supplies, so stock up while you can! You can purchase them here, along with any other Pure Hemp gear you will need.

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