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  1. Jeff Wood PURE HEMP Screen Print


    JEFF WOOD "FREE THE TREE" Limited Edition Print
    11" x 25" Hand Pulled 4 Color Screen Print On LIVING TREE Hemp Paper.
    Designed And Hand Screened By Jeff Wood At Zen Mystic Studios

  2. Unbleached Single Wide

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $31.99

    PURE HEMP Unbleached
    Single Wide Rolling Papers
    50 Booklets Per Box
    50 Papers Per Booklet

  3. Unbleached Display Tower


    PURE HEMP Unbleached Display Tower
    Comes with...
    Box Of Single Wide
    2 Boxes Of 1 1/4 Size
    Box of King Size.
    and Pure Hemp Stickers
    Stickers For Your Shop, Store Window Or Your Laptop
    *150 Booklets in Total

  4. Classic King Size


    PURE HEMP Classic
    52mm Wide King Size Rolling Paper
    50 Booklets Per Box
    33 Papers Per Booklet

  5. NEW Chris Dyer Skate Deck With Rolling Tray


    Limited Edition Cruiser Size (7.75" x 30") Skate Deck With Built In Rolling Tray
    Comes With A Portable Foldable Satori Pure Hemp Rolling Tray

    *This is the 2nd of our Series of Skatedecks with artist Chris Dyer

  6. Unbleached Oversize


    6 Boxes Of PURE HEMP Unbleached 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
    Inside An Oversize Replica Pure Hemp Unbleached Booklet
    *Great For Hanging In Your Store, Dispensary, Or At Home
    *150 Booklets in Total

  7. Classic 1 1/4 Size


    PURE HEMP Classic
    1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
    25 Booklets Per Box
    50 Papers Per Booklet

  8. Satori Wheel Set


    Limited Edition 54mm 78a Clear Green Urethane
    Pure Hemp Skateboard Cruiser Wheels (Set of 4)
    "At Pure Hemp, We're Always Thinking About Rolling"

    Out of stock

  9. Unbleached 4M Rolls


    PURE HEMP Unbleached
    44mm Wide Rolling Paper Roll
    24 Booklets Per Box
    4000mm Of Paper Per Booklet
    (4000x44mm) (4000mm=13+ft)

  10. Swine Army Hemp Pouch


    Handmade Hemp Utility Pouch With Space For Your Lighter,
    Booklet Of Pure Hemp Rolling Papers And Finished Off With Hemp Wick.
    *lighter not included.

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