Natural Hemphasis

Natural Hemphasis is the R&D arm of Natural Emphasis, Ltd. focusing on growing the North American Hemp Industry. We believe that hemp represents a great opportunity for North Americans to pursue a path of economic development that is both economically and environmentally sustainable and contributes to a higher quality of life for all while helping repair some of the damage we have subjected the planet to.

We have been actively involved in researching hemp, disseminating information and challenging common misconceptions about Industrial Hemp since 1994. Over 22 years and still going strong.

Clients and partners have included the Ontario Hemp Alliance, Six Nations Economic Development Commission, Agriculture Canada, Aboriginal Business Canada, Hemp Oil Canada, AgroPro and PhytoGene Resources.

Commercial Hemp Breeding
Natural Emphasis, in conjunction with PhytoGene Resources, has been breeding commercial hemp varieties for the Canadian market since 2001. We have developed a number of commercial hemp seed varieties bred specifically for Canadian Hemp seed (grain) production. Our first variety, ESTA-1, was registered in 2004 and subsequently we have registered two additional high yielding varieties: CanMa and GranMa. All three varieties have been formally certified by Health Canada as approved cultivars. For more information, please visit 

Select Research Publications and Presentations include:

Hemp For Seed: Markets and Opportunities,
Presented at Ontario Hemp Alliance 2004 Field Day and Symposium, Ridgetown College, July 16th, 2004

THC Levels In Hemp Germplasm Resources,
Economic Botany, Volume # 57 (4), 2003

Hemp - A New Crop with New Uses for North America,
Presented at 5th National Symposium, NEW CROPS AND NEW USES: Strengths In Diversity, Atlanta Nov. 10-13th, 2001

Hemp Germplasm Trials In Canada,
Presented at 3rd International Symposium, BIORESOURCE HEMP Wolfsburg, Germany, Sept. 13-16th, 2000

 Here Is A List Of Some Quality Hemp Resources: 

European Industrial Hemp Association

The Hemp Industries Association

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Hemp History Week

Vote Hemp


Natural Hemphasis' parent company, Natural Emphasis, Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Pure Hemp rolling papers and is also the exclusive Canadian distributor of Smoking brand rolling papers and smk brand rolling papers.

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